Experience Wild Adventures in Zimbabwe


A thrilling excitement for the tourist heading to Zimbabwe on holiday.

Still remaining as the best travel destinations in the African continent, with interesting attractions such as the Thundering Victory Falls, the Rugged Eastern Highland, and game-rich wildlife parks and reserves.

The country has introduced something more intriguing and one that will spark your interest, Far and Wide Zimbabwe (FWZ) has launched the Skywalk and Zipline packages at Mutarazi falls in the Eastern Highlands.

With the first bridge at least 30 meters high, the Skywalk is made up of two bridges. The second one being 90 meters, gives a perfect Mutarazi Falls view. The spectacular view gives clients a memorable view of the waterfall.

Looking to experience what Zimbabwe can offer you, then take the two- or 5-day itinerary and experience what it feels like being in Zimbabwe.

The Minister of Environment, Tourism and Hospitality Industry, Zimbabwe, Prisca Mupfumira said, “In tourism, such an outstanding feature like the Mutarazi Zipliner and Skywalk is essential to boost the potential of the destination to lure visitors. Tourists are becoming increasingly demanding about the range and quality of tourism products provided when choosing their destination and such innovation is highly commendable.”

Best time to be in Zimbabwe by the Victoria falls in September and May. As this is the time of the mid-season. I should recommend the Victoria Falls first as this is a must see and experience, and believe me when I say, breath-taking.

What you can see?

From the outstanding breath-taking views of the Victoria Falls, around the quarter of the Falls lies that lies in Zimbabwe. A peak experience of the Zambezi river, where the white-water rafting, canoeing, and kayaking can be one of the ticked off bucket lists.

Not forgetting the National Parks, Hwange National Park, where you are most likely to see a herd of Elephants there. If you are an elephant lover, then you would probably love this specific spot.

You can be staying around anywhere, but the best places to enjoy life at the most is the Gorges Lodge, near the Victoria, Falls, Zimbabwe. It is a short distance drive, not more than an hour to the Victoria Falls town and it is right on the edge of the Batoka Gorge where you will find the lodge situated. With beautiful scenic views from the Batoka Gorge and Zambezi River.

Everything here is a must experience and feel. Being in a destination that brings you that African feel and experience and making you part of the African person.


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