Find the Best Adventure on this Indian Ocean Island


If adventure is your first love, Mauritius is your home. This beautiful island in the middle of nowhere, is exactly what you need to unplug and let your adrenaline take over. Just bring your passport, some cash, sunscreen and a camera! The rest takes care of itself through rich encounters, amazing food, breathtaking sights, great bargains and unforgettable memories. Here are 5 truly adventurous things you must do in Mauritius.

Walk on the Wild Side

The Scuba Scoot experience isn’t quite scuba diving (not at all actually) but it’s one step further down than snorkelling. You get to walk over the coral reefs and get up close with tropical fish while never being in any danger. You only go down about 2 metres, and you’ve got plenty of air to breathe while you’re down there. This experience obviously needs a GoPro to capture this unforgettable time in crystal-clear waters.

Quad biking

Picture biking deep into the forest, crossing streams and encountering stags. You’ll find some spectacular view along the way. Encounters with monkeys, tortoises and pink pigeons shouldn’t come as a surprise! Get the revs going for what promises to be a dirty yet heart-throbbing ride.

Kite Surf at Le Morne Peninsula

This is one of the most popular spots in Mauritius and known worldwide. The famous mountain of Brabant creates a wind turbine effect that intensifies the wind and when other spots do not work, here you have a safe wind.


The key to get skydiving right is”Don’t over-think it”! Get your equipment on, jump onto that plane and enjoy the view on your way down – simple! There is an option to do it as a tandem to discover the magnificent lagoons of the northern coast of the island. The only advice worth listening to is to keep your eyes wide open – for the experience, though packed with sensation, doesn’t last long!


Climb and abseil waterfalls, cliffs and peaks as they show up on your trail. Get wet, break a sweat and get your hands dirty on this intrepid journey. Get away from the beach for a while and rest under the waterfall for a more-than-deserved massage!


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