The Votes Have Been Cast


Wednesday 8th May 2019 was considered one of the days that take a further step in the lives of changing South Africa.

As South Africans gathered outside their voting stations and are one of the citizens that were hopeful in changing the country. The results will be produced across the globe on Saturday as the counts are still being dealt with and pretty much still being investigated. Although, it does seem as though the votes have started on a rough sketch. With ballots in some regions like KZN already filled before the actual day. The investigation is still underway, 20 have been arrested so far for tampering with the votes.

So far, the leading party seems to be ANC with top rank of 49.78% as the DA leading with the score of 28.28% and finally the EFF ranking at 13.99%. 48 parties have all competed against each and with the three most competitive parties battling for the Presidential and provincial spot. African National Congress is the leading party so far in most provinces except Western Cape, Economic Freedom Fighters who have even lost the Limpopo region to ANC, DA has won the Western Cape region again sitting at 54.71% and leaving ANC with 29.22%.

Different residents across the country have cast their votes although, many have rather stated that they will rather not vote. Many of them, however, have rather voted last minute also many queuing for temporary ID’s so they can be able to vote.

Nomad Africa went out meeting citizens in Pretoria, who were voting and asked why they saw a need to vote?

Luleka Mazibuko, 24 said that “my vote is going to change and shape the country. A day at a time will surely change a little.” It seems as though many have rather opted to still vote for the country besides the negative responses that have been circulating. When asked why she still votes despite those negative comments? She simply said, “every country has its problem and that resulting in a lot of media coverage. I am not saying that I am ignorant with regards to how many people have been protesting and even pleading with the government for some sort of assistance. But South Africans can also make a change as they vote, by giving that party a chance to change one thing at a time.”

Leaders from outside the country joined the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) in Pretoria. Most of the parties that recently joined said that they were much impressed with the results even though they were ranked the smallest. Some of the parties never anticipated that they will even get any votes at all. So it was a very good thing for them to at least see a positive change.

Hlaudi Motsoeneng, Black Land First (BLF), who stated in an interview that he is eyeing to be the next President surely is confident about his political party making it.




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